Incredible India

India is one of the beautiful places in the world with lots of hill stations and piligrim places to visit. One would love to have an Indian Tour in their life time. It takes some time to roam around in India because there are some of the best places one would love to visit in India. If you are planning for a Tour in India, you are at the right place. We provide you in Travels Tips some of the best places in India.

India Tourist Map

Lets start with the map of India and how you would start your tour to India.


Lets see the Map in Bing which will help you to locate places in India easily. Just click on the map to make it bigger and search for the particular location in India you want to look at.

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Incredible India’s Most Visited Tourist Places

Top Hill Stations in India

As India is a subcontinent, you can find so many hill stations in the North side and lots of beaches in the south. So if you are a beach lover, you would prefer south and if you are hill station lover, you would love North India. Given below are some of the Hill Stations you would love to visit.




Piligrimage Cities in India

India is land of cultures and religions. There are many sacred places to visit in India. Some of them which are visited by millions of tourists all over the world are given below. We would be writing more about these in coming days.

Vaishno Devi
Tirupathi Balaji Temple Tirupathi
Golden Temple Amritsar
Bodhgaya Tour

Theme Holidays in India
Honey Moon Destinations
Kerala Back Waters
Desert Safari in India
Jungle Tours in India



Best Tours of India

Tourist Zones in India

North India
West India
East India
South India

Tourst States in India


Tourst Cities in India
New Delhi

MGM Resort in chennai

MGM Resort is one of the top tourism resorts in chennai. Located near Mahabalipuram Tamilnadu,  this luxury resorts beach in Tamilnadu offers all facilities required for a perfect vacation.

About MGM Resort in Chennai

MGM Resort in Chennai
MGM Resort is accompanied with green coconut palms, bright tropical flowers, lush lawns, Jaunty butterflies, curving sands and cool wind caressing your cheeks.   Some of the facilities provided by the MGM Luxury resort beach are restaurant, bar, conference hall, banquet facility etc. 

This resort is about 40 minutes drive from Chennai.  It has a beautiful beach stretching for long miles no end.
A crocodile farm where several species of Indian and African crocodiles are bred in open meshy enclosures and a lake formed out of the back waters.


About MGM Resrot

MGM resort first opened its gates way back in 1993.  This resort has proudly and professionally  served its guests for more than a decade.  MGM resort is a place where you can be refreshed and relaxed in style.  Staying here makes every single aspect of your time spent enjoyable and heartwarming.  Here you can experience the perfect holiday.   

Places of Interest  
Top Tourism Resorts in Chennai

MGM resort is ideally placed on the East Coast  Road which is included by amusement park and a heritage museum.  Both these places offers quality holiday experiences for the tourists.  

The Pool :

Pool resort is well maintained with two attendants offering service round the clock .
It is surrounded by stylishly placed coconut trees.  

Jogging Track :

If you are an early bird watch the sun peek out of the ocean as you run along the jogging track.  Evening and late nights are also good to give your jogging pairs some good moments.  

Gym and yoga centre :

Stretch your muscles sweat out, and much more at well equipped gym.  There is yoga trainer with whom you can try different asanas.   

There is more facilities which is uncountable some are Jacuzzi and steam bath, Tata ayurvedic centre, Bonfire and Barbeque, Indoor/outdoor games, Live band music etc.  

How to reach MGM Resort  

The nearest airport and railway station is Chennai.  The resort is 23kms from Chennai and about 45 minutes drive.  

Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Tamilnadu

south Gopuram in Meenakshi temple
North Gopuram in Meenakshi temple

Meenakshi temple is wonderful that no text can do justice.  Meenakshi Temple

East Gopuram in Meenakshi temple

The Meenakshi temple is situated in Madurai.  It is one of the most ancient and largest temple.   The Meenakshi temple is world famous for its marvelous architecture and it is one of the most popular temples in Tamilnadu.  The twin temple of Shiva and Meenakshi is situated at the south gateway here and is about nine storeys high. The temple sprawls over an area about 6 hectares and it has 12 gopurams ranging of height about 45 to 50 m and the tallest one is at the south side.

Historical Importance about the Temple:

People believe that  Madurai is the place where thewedding between Lord

West Gopuram in Meenakshi temple

Shiva and Meenakshi took place.  Meenakshi temple is wonderful that no text can do justice.

The Origin of the Meenakshi temple:

The Madurai city and Sri Meenakshi Sundareswara temple originated together.  According to History, Indra once killed a demon thus committed sin who was then performing penance.  In his own kingdom he couldn’t find relief so came down to earth.  He felt relieved of his burden while passing through a forest of Kadamba trees in Pandya land.  His servitors told him there was Shivalinga under a Kadamba tree and that it was the linga that had helped him.  He worshipped it and built a temple around it.  It is believed that this is the linga, which is still under worship in the Madurai temple and the shrine is called the “Indra Vimana”.

Once a merchant of Manavur, named Dhananjaya where the Pandavas had arrived after the second deluge in Kumari Kandam, having been overtaken by nightfall in Kadamba forest so spent the night in the Indra Vimana.  He was surprised to see signs of worship when he woke up in the next morning.  He told the Pandya, Kulasekhara, in Manavur about this thinking that it must be the work of the Devas. Meanwhile Lord Shiva had told Pandya in a dream to build a temple and a city at the spot Dhananjaya would indicate.  Kulasekhara did so.  Thus the temple and city came into existence.

Major festivals:

Meenakshi Thiru Kalyanam at Madurai

The annual solemnization of the marriage of Lord Shiva with Meenakshi is one of the most spectacular  festivals at Madurai Meenakshi temple in Tamilnadu.  Chariot procession of the god and the goddess are some of the colorful features of this festival.  This is a famous festival celebrated in the month of Chaitra (April-May).  This wedding festival of god and goddess is celebrated for twelve days from the second of the lunar month (two days after the new moon).

Thousands of devotees from all over the country visits Madurai on this occasion.  The festival is very attractive characterized with royal decorated umbrellas, fans and traditional music and deities of Lord Shiva, Goddess Shakti and Goddess Meenakshi are taken out in a colorful procession.

Other famous Festivals :

Inside the Meenakshi Temple

Apart from this Navarathri and Shivarthri festivals are celebrated grandly

Transport Facilities to reach this beautiful temple:

By Air: Madurai is connected by air with Chennai and Mumbai.  Madurai airport is 10 kilometers away from the city.

By Rail: Madurai has direct rail connections to all major cities such as Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kollam, Chennai, Rameshwaram, Thanjavur, Tiruchirapalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupathi and Tuticorin

By Road: There are roads well connected from Madurai to all parts of South India.  From Madurai town buses, suburban buses, You can hire a taxi, cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws are available to reach the temple.

Palani Temple in Madurai

Palani Hill surrounded by several shrines and theerthams. Palani temple

The Palani temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is one his six famous abodes known as
‘aarupadai veedu’. It is situated in the district of Madurai around 112km from Madurai and 152km from Trichi.  The shrine of Lord Thandayuthapani is about 500 feet high, at the top of the hill, but
there are several shrines and theerthams surrounding the hill itself.  Aavinankudi is one of the famous shrine situated at the foot of the hill which is mentioned in old religious verses. It is more than two thousand years old.  Before climbing it some devotees go round the hill itself.

The Temple : The shrine situated at the top of hill can be reached either by traveling in a carriage hauled to the top by winches along rails laid on the side of the hill or by climbing the flight of steps.  While climbing, the tired devotees can take rest awhile as there are resting places and along the steps there are small shrines to various deities. At the top of the hill there are large areas. There are about 690 steps to reach the hill. The whole complex is located at a height of
1086 ft. above sea level, and standing at the top one realizes the mammoth task involved in transporting the building materials to the top of the hill which has no facility either by road or rail.

Location : The Palani temple is about 5km away from the railway station on the Dindugal –
Coimbatore line of the Southern Railway. There are bus services from all the major towns in
Tamilnadu as well as from the state of Kerala.

Devotees offers Annadanam (offering food to all), Kavadis, tonsure ceremony, drop money in hundial to lord.
The natural herbs on the top of the mountaion are believed to have miraculous medicinal properties.  The
Thiru avinankudi and the Pada Vinayakar are located around this temple.  The temple called the Periyanaki Amman dedicated to goddess Parvati is located in this town.  The Perumal temple and Mariyamman temple are located near the Periyanayaki temple.  The Mariamman temple is believed that those who visitis here gets relief from illness. Almost seven million people visit the city every year and is an important centre for pilgrims.