7 Unmissable Dive Spots in Australia

When you think of Australia, chances are you dream of turquoise waters, expansive barrier reefs and some of the most diverse marine life in the entire world. Well, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone – millions of tourists make the trek to Australia every year in the hopes of discovering some of the most famous marine sites the world over.

After all, where else can you discover the world’s largest living coral reef, which is home to thousands of rare and exotic marine life?

If you’re planning on visiting Australia in the near future, then make sure that a diving expedition makes it on your to-do list. By exploring Australia by the ocean, you’ll discover just what makes this country so breathtakingly gorgeous. On your diving expedition, you could run into a school of endangered fish, or come face-to-face with a creature that wouldn’t look out of place during prehistoric times. It’s definitely an exhilarating experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetimes.

So if you’re ready to make that big trip Down Under, where should you go for the best diving spots in the country? Not to worry – we have it covered for you. We’ve compiled our ultimate list of the seven unmissable dive spots in Australia. Just think of us as your diving tour planners – which means you have a lot more time to dream of all the sights you’ll see during one of these spectacular dives:

1. Fish Rock Cave:

Fish Rock Cave Australia

When you first approach Fish Rock, your initial thought will be that it’s nothing spectacular. However, if you dive below the surface, you’ll discover an incredibly large cave that runs as long as the island itself. Don’t be surprised if you discover a few sleeping sharks and suspended bullseyes on your aquatic journey.

2. Yongala Wreck:

Yongala Wreck Australia

If you consider yourself to be a big fan of shipwrecks (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then you’ll want to grab your diving gear and head straight to Yongala Wreck. Located in Queensland, the Yongala Wreck carries a pretty hefty reputation: it’s touted as the best dive site in the world and comes with a unique story. The Yongala was sunk in 1911 when it encountered a cyclone; you can still see some bones of the passengers around the ship.

3. Heron Island:

Heron Island Australia

After exploring the Yongala Wreck, stay in Queensland and head over to Heron Island, which is a short ferry ride away from Rockhampton. Miles of coral reef and turquoise waters teeming with sea life make this an unmissable dive site in all of Australia. You can choose to explore over 22 dive sites, including one are that’s favored by sharks. The timid need not apply.

4. Ningaloo Reef:

There’s no denying that the Great Barrier Reef certainly steals plenty of thunder from the Ningaloo Reef, which is located in West Australia. The Ningaloo Reef, however, is just as impressive as its larger counterpart: you can walk out to the reef, where you’ll discover a host of marine life. It’s also a great place to spot massive whale sharks, which often grow to the size of a large school bus. It’s certainly one marine animal you won’t have to struggle to spot!

5. The Great Barrier Reef:

Okay, so no list of unmissable diving spots would be complete without an appearance from the Great Barrier Reef. Although this reef tends to become a bit crowded during the height of snorkeling season, there are still plenty of sights to go around. Anyone who considers themselves to be an avid diver should make a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef at least once in their lifetimes.

6. Magnetic Island:

Located near the Yongala wreck diving spot, Magnetic Island boasts some pretty impressive diving credentials of its own. Magnetic Island plays host to thousands of marine species, so don’t be surprised if you come face to face with a sea turtle or a sleeping shark.

7. The Stepping Stones:

Located next to the palatial Whitsunday Islands, the Stepping Stones is a unique diving site that shouldn’t be missed by any enthusiast. The Stepping Stones is comprised of 17 flat stones, ten of which are exposed at low tide. Surrounding these stones is a wealth of marine life that will make even the most experienced diver feel in awe. The marine life changes with the seasons, so be sure your travels bring you back here time and time again.

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