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If you are planning to visit Dubai, you should also be aware of its history so you will be able to appreciate the things you’ll find there. Visiting Dubai will surely be a memorable experience for you and for your companions. Upon visiting the place, you will be able to see great work of art and other ancient structures which will remind you on how the place started. Having a little background of their past is a must for you to be able to relate to how they became the way they are now. The first human settlement in Dubai started out 3,000 years back.

History of Dubai

Ten years back Dubai

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Dubai Today

Dubai Today

The whole area was accessible and sustained by fishing and pearl diving since they are situated in the Persian Gulf area. Their first declaration of being a town is during the time when Bani Yas clan established them as dependents of Abu Dhabi. As years passed by, they became a separate dynasty and established a town of their own. Through the years, as they establish their place. They started to look for alternatives to be able to raise funds to improve their way of life and to establish a government of their own.

It was during 1966, when Dubai discovered their mines of oils. It was also the start of their country based recognitions from nearby countries because of their vast contributions with regards to oil distribution in ports. The transitional government continues to head on as years passed by.

Eventually, they were able to invite visitors to trust them when they need to rejuvenate from stressful city life. Up to the present day, Dubai is the leading distributor of oil in the world and they have managed to keep up their prosperous government because of strict implementation of their rules and policies. When you visit Dubai, you will be able to appreciate the way their ancestors managed their town during the early times. Upon using a car hire in Dubai, you will be able to take a peek on what’s new and what you should know more about the hidden wonders of the Emirates.

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