Film Buff Holidays Utah

Some of the best holidays are those that embrace your passions. If you are a film buff, you may want to aim your holiday at Park City Utah.

Every January the film world comes to the Wasatch Mountain resort town of Park City to celebrate the independent film and the people who make them. The pretty resort town fills for ten days as the filmmakers, producers, directors and stars hit the town.

Since the Utah Film Commission pushed to improve the market and awareness for the film industry in the state, the Utah/US Film Festival was conceived. Over time it merged into what is now the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance has also developed the Sundance Institute, Sundance Channel, Sundance Catalogue and Sundance Resort. Robert Redford’s participation in the Sundance Film Festival has been part of the process since the event moved to Park City in 1982.

A celebration to creative independence and innovation, the Sundance Film Festival has a history of showing films that have left a permanent mark on the Film Industry and American Culture. Sundance has an open policy that both allows anyone to attend but also that presents special showings to local residents. Ticket packages and information is available on the Sundance Film Festival’s website.

Sundance Institute offers labs, classes and seminars for filmmakers and play writers. Open forums with artists and film legends are part of the Film Festival celebration.

Located at altitudes of 7000 feet, the ski resort area remains casual and relaxed even during the events of the film festival. There are two weeks of events, and passes are sold for each week. The awards festival happens during the second week. If you are looking for an adventurous way to attend, each year Sundance hires volunteers to work the Film Festival.

The Park City area has 100 local restaurants serving food from all over the world. Three major resorts provide access to the 4000 skiable acres. Many of the restaurants and resorts offer ski in and ski out access. The local theaters offer film showings during the festival and all the films are shown in both weeks.

There are great reasons to visit Park City, the beautiful scenery and active living activities including miles of hiking and biking trails as well as world class fly fishing in the Provo River and surrounding reservoirs. But for the film buff, there is legacy and history here that makes it a special attraction.

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