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Mylai Kapaleashwarar Thirukoil Ancient Kapaleeswarar

The Kapaleeswarar temple is situated in  Mylapore.  Mylapore is suburban of Chennai. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshipped  here as Kapaleeswarar and the goddess as Katpahavalli.  This temple is about one thousand years old but some scholars believe that the age of the present building, on the basis of the architecture and the images on this temple traces to a period of about three hundred years ago.  Kapaleeswarar temple is very famous and attracts a large number of devotees mainly during festival days.

How to reach :

One can tour to this temple either by ‘call taxis’ or auto rickshaw or the deluxe cabs.  Auto rickshaw is the cheapest mode of transport so if you are hiring auto rickshaw, you need to negotiate the fare carefully.  The call taxis offers very prompt service and they will pick up from your doorstep even though the charge is high.  You can also travel by deluxe cabs.  If you like you can drive the deluxe cabs yourself.

History : The Kapaleeswarar temple is an symbol of Dravidian style and architecture.  The thirty seven meter tall gopuram is the notable feature of this structure.  This gopuram is peculiar to Dravidian architecture.  At the entrance of the temple you can view a sculpture, which has a interesting story behind it.  It is believed that a dead girl came back alive by listening to a song sung by a saint known as Gnanasambandar.

According to hindu belief, the goddess Parvati is believed to be the wife of Lord Shiva.  At this temple you can view goddess Parvati been depicted as peacock and she is worshipping the lidol of Lord Shiva.  During the Aruvathumoovar festival, you can see the bronze carvings of the sixty three Shaivate saints, which are carried in procession.  This festivals are held in the month of April to May.  There is a old tree in the courtyard of the temple known as Punnai tree, which is believed to be one of the oldest trees of Chennai city. There is small shrine under this tree which is dedicatged to Goddess Parvati.

Kapaleeswarar temple is also a tourist attraction for it’s ancient, beautiful sculptures and architecture.

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