Mathyakailash temple Adayar

Mathyakailash temple is also called as Nadukailai.  It is one of the top temples in chennai. Lord Ganesh sits right in the Centre of Parameshwar, Ambikai and Thirumal.  Besides the ‘Nava grahas’ there are ‘sannidhis for Anjaneyar and Bairavar.  Mathyalakshmi is situated at Adayar, Sardar Patel Road, Chennai- 600 020 on the way to Taramani this beautiful temple in white marble is the delight of connoisseur.  Recently built Mathyakailash temple has got many novelities.  This is the famous and only temple in Tamilnadu established according to the cult of Ganapatyam.

Mathyakailash Temple History

Mathyakailash temple chennai

Abut Mathyakailash Temple Adayar

The main deity is Venkata Ananda Vinayakar is surrounded by shrines to Lord Shiva, Surya, Devi and Vishnu. The idol was crafted after a vision of such a form was seen by one of the officials in temple.  The right side is Lord Ganesh and the left side Sri Hanuman.  The temple has become famous for its unique idol of ”Adhyantha Prabhu”, which is parted as Ganapathy and Ananeya. One can light the camphor to this deity himself, giving a great sense of satisfaction in Maharashtra style.  The rites should be done after bathing.  And  should not touch anybody. Every afternoon, before beginning the rites, priest takes a bath and in his wet clothes begins the rites.  The rites are done chanting several mantras and poojas and one can seek blessings from god while performing such rites.  People of all caste and religions can avail of the service.

On Vinayaka Chathurthi day, the sun rays fall on the presiding deity, striking an auspicious note.  Since Vinayaka is the form of the first sound called “Om” eight bells have been installed.  They represents the seven notes such as Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni with the eighth bell signifying the Sa that follows.  In the Mandapam before the sanctum sanctorum is a shrine to Lord Vinayaka’s brother Muruga.

Best Time to Visit Mathyakailash Temple Adayar

Timings to visit here is 5.30 am to 12.00 noon and evening 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Temple contact number is:-

Official Website Link of Mathyakailash Temple Adayar

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