Palani Temple in Madurai

Palani Hill surrounded by several shrines and theerthams. Palani temple

The Palani temple dedicated to Lord Murugan is one his six famous abodes known as
‘aarupadai veedu’. It is situated in the district of Madurai around 112km from Madurai and 152km from Trichi.  The shrine of Lord Thandayuthapani is about 500 feet high, at the top of the hill, but
there are several shrines and theerthams surrounding the hill itself.  Aavinankudi is one of the famous shrine situated at the foot of the hill which is mentioned in old religious verses. It is more than two thousand years old.  Before climbing it some devotees go round the hill itself.

The Temple : The shrine situated at the top of hill can be reached either by traveling in a carriage hauled to the top by winches along rails laid on the side of the hill or by climbing the flight of steps.  While climbing, the tired devotees can take rest awhile as there are resting places and along the steps there are small shrines to various deities. At the top of the hill there are large areas. There are about 690 steps to reach the hill. The whole complex is located at a height of
1086 ft. above sea level, and standing at the top one realizes the mammoth task involved in transporting the building materials to the top of the hill which has no facility either by road or rail.

Location : The Palani temple is about 5km away from the railway station on the Dindugal –
Coimbatore line of the Southern Railway. There are bus services from all the major towns in
Tamilnadu as well as from the state of Kerala.

Devotees offers Annadanam (offering food to all), Kavadis, tonsure ceremony, drop money in hundial to lord.
The natural herbs on the top of the mountaion are believed to have miraculous medicinal properties.  The
Thiru avinankudi and the Pada Vinayakar are located around this temple.  The temple called the Periyanaki Amman dedicated to goddess Parvati is located in this town.  The Perumal temple and Mariyamman temple are located near the Periyanayaki temple.  The Mariamman temple is believed that those who visitis here gets relief from illness. Almost seven million people visit the city every year and is an important centre for pilgrims.

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