Top Beaches in Dubai

The sun kissed beaches of Dubai are the ultimate luxury and unwinding spot for travellers who choose to laze around on the wheat-like sands for a tan. Nothing equals the pleasure of having sunshine all through the year and that too at beaches that are not overwhelmed by a crowd. Welcome to Dubai, the place where all the fun is, a vast expanse of the marina sweeping you off your feet. Some beach activities you can practice out here are water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving and sailing. The city has a strange and unique combination of beaches and deserts which make your holiday truly memorable.

Palm Beach in Dubai

The Palm Beach in Dubai comes with a beach park that offers recreational and entertainment facilities that completely appeal to the visitors. Feel the softness of the sand on your skin as you stretch on your beach chair or mat on the coast for a bath, tan or sunbath. As the hub of sports activities, this is where you will have water sports and other exciting activities on a platter. Don’t worry if it’s winter; the water won’t chill your skin, as hundreds of visitors flock to the beachfront. Temperatures during the summer months vary between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius with high humidity.



Plam Beach in Dubai Bing Site Map

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Palm Beach in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is a 12 square mile island group and will include 60,000 residents and 50,000 workers once finished.

If it is the Jumeirah Beach you want to come to, you are at Dubai’s most popular shore. This long stretch of shoreline is flanked with private clubs and hotels on the Arabian Gulf. For a more private outing, you can check into the marine beaches where access is selective. The white texture of the sand is a draw and it is a pleasure to see them slipping into the turquoise waters, with the Jumeirah Beach Hotel nearby.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

Beach activities abound in the beaches of Dubai and some of these include sunbathing, swimming, or simply lazing. Despite the occasional high temperatures in summer, beach activity still enjoys prominence, visitors choosing the morning or sunset time. The winter season shows the exotic beaches thronged by visitors who indulge in every kind of water sport. The temperature of the water ranges from 22 degrees Celsius in winter to 35 degrees Celsius in summer.

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Jumeirah Beach in Dubai Bing Map

Jumeriah Beach site map in Dubai.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

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