Top Suwon Tourist places

Suwon is one of the top cities in South Korea where Samsung Head Quarters is located. It is one of the most visited city by foreigners as most of them come for business meetings with Samsung. If you also have a chance to Visit Suwon City, given below are the tourist places in Suwon for you to spend your time

Suwon City Attractions

Suwon city is a very small city which has its prominence due to head quarters of Samsung. Suwon has excellent travel facilities and it is very easy to go around top places in Suwon.

Given below are some of the top tourist places in Suwon you would love to vist.

1. Hwaseong Fortress
Hwaseong Fortress is spread around the Suwon City. There are different gates for Hwaseong Fortress and you can go around the fort and spend your time seeing the beautiful Suwon City

2. Paldalmun Market
Paldalmun Market is the major market of Suwon. You can get most of your goods for food and clothing in Paldalum market at best price. It is just one km from Suwon station and easily reachable by bus.

3. Hwaseong Haenggung Palace
Hwaseong Haenggung Palace is one of the popular tourist places in Suwon where you can spend some time around. You can reach to the top of Hwaseong Haenggung Palace and get the best view of Suwon from that location.

4. Ice Skating in Metropolitan Mall
If you love Ice Skating, Metropolitan mall is one place where you can get what you asked for. It has a Ice Skating setup where you can learn Ice Skating and have fun with your friends.

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