Tourist places in warangal Andhra pradesh

If you want to know architecture of India then travel in Warangal which is in the State of Andhra Pradesh. It is a land of some beautiful tourist places. One can really enjoy the south Indian architecture in the ruins of this once glorious empire. The beauty of the surrounding lakes is in sync with the city’s historic past.

Travel in Warangal:

Warangal district is actually a cluster of three towns viz. Warangal, Kazipet and Hanamkonda. Today Warangal offers connoisseurs of art, architecture and nature a lavish spread.

Top Travel Spots in Warangal Andhra Pradesh

Warangal Fort:

If you like architecture then Warangal fort is one of the best tourist place in Warangal district. The magnificent Warangal fort was built in the 13th century by the Kakatiyas during the reign of King Ganapati Deva. This fort is known for its geometrical intricacies. It has beautifully carved arches, 45 towers and imposing pillars within a radius of 19 km.

warangal fortwarangal fort architecture

elephant statue in warangal fortarchitecture of kakatiyas in warangal fort

A temple dedicated to Mother Earth, called “swayambhudevi alayam” is at the center. Even today one can behold the exquisite gateway ‘ekashila’, which symbolizes the bygone glory of the kakatiya empire.

Khush Mahal

Khush Mahal  is also one of the best tourist place known for Architecture in Warangal district. This is the Master piece built by Shitabh khan.  Located close to the Warangal fort, this magnificent edifice houses idols excavated from the surrounding areas.

tourist places khush mahal in warangal

  • Thousand Pillar Temple:

Thousand Pillar Temple is the must see tourist place in Warangal District. This is one of the famous monuments of Andhra Pradesh, located in Hanamkonda, was built in 1163 AD by the kakatiya king Rudra Deva. It reflects the Chalukyan style of temple architecture. The star shaped shrine, dedicated to Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya, with its perforated stone screens, richly carved icons, meticulously designed pillars and rock cut elephants , is a testament to the brilliance of Kakatiya architecture.

nandi in thousand pillar temple in warangaltourists in thousand pillar temple

The six feet high monolithic Nandi is another allure of this temple, which is also known as ‘Trikutalayam’ , signifying the triad of deities.

Bhadrakali temple:

Bhadrakali temple is one of the famous tourist spot. This temple is close to the Thousand pillar temple which has a stone image of Goddess Kali in a sitting position.

bhadrakali temple in warangal

Ramappa temple:

The Ramalingeswara temple, popularly known as Ramappa temple, is situated in Palampet village , 70 km from Warangal. This temple is compared with the architectural beauty of Belur and Halebid of the Hoyasala Empire in Karnataka. Ramappa temple is one of the famous tourist place in Warangal known for its architecture.


ramappa temple in warangal

This temple was build in 1213 AD. An inscription in the temple tells that it was built on behalf of Ganapati Deva by his commander in chief Rudra Senani. Following the tradition of excavating a tank adjacent to a temple, the Kakatiya rulers also constructed the Ramappa lake here. The lake complement the scenic beauty of the place and gives the temple and its serene surroundings a mystical air.

Pakhal Lake:

A trip to Warangal never completes without visiting this Pakhal lake. Situated about 70 km from Warangal, this huge man made lake is enveloped by forested hills. The lake was excavated during the reign of Ganapati Deva.

pakhal lake in warangal

Pakhal Wild life Sanctuary:

The pakhal Wild life Sanctuary, spread over 900, covers this lake. The Sanctuary is home to tiger, leopard, panther and sambhar. Besides, a large number of migratory birds arrive the lake in winter.


Kolanupaka is located on the Warangal -Hyderabad road 80 km from Hyderabad and 50 km from Warangal. Kolanupaka is a place of fusion of history and  religion. It was the 11th century capital of Kalyan chalukyas and the birthplace of Renukacharya, the renowned veera saiva saint. A great pilgrim center for Jains, this place is famous tourist place  for Jain temples, some of which are over 2,000 years old. A five feet Jade idol of Lord Mahavira is an added attraction. The Jain temple is an architectural wonder with beautifully carved statues of Tirthankaras. The state Archaeological Department runs a museum in the someswara temple complex with a wide range of exhibits relating to temple architecture.


The Eturunagaram Sanctuary is situated about 80km from Warangal along the banks of the Godavari river. It is home to spotted deer, black buck etc., The sanctuary, with forests draping low hills, offer an excellent holiday spot. Cottages maintained by the forest department at Eturunagaram and nearby Tadvai provide comfortable accommodation. The best season to visit Eturunagaram is between October and May.

Accommodation Facilities in Warangal

Accommodation facilities are available in Warangal as the city has both luxury and economy hotels with AC and non-AC rooms. AP tourism runs Haritha Hotel, which has an attached bar and Restaurant. The hotel is located at Hanamkonda, about 2Km from Kazipet Railway Station and 14Km from Warangal Railway Station. You can also check Top Hotels in India

Travel Tips to Warangal:

Airplane By Air: The nearest airport is Hyderabad, which is 130 km away. Hyderabad is well connected by air to all the major cities in India.

By Train: Warangal and Kazipet are on the Chennai, New Delhi Grand Trunk route. Train services are available to Warangal from all the major cities in India.

Auto By Road: One can reach Warangal by road from Hyderabad and Vijayawada by hiring a car available in both places. Regular bus services connect Warangal with Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh.

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