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Ghana is increasingly becoming one of the top touristic destinations in Africa thanks to its beautiful wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Despite its interesting past and culture, it’s nature the key player that makes Ghana the perfect place for those who want to spend some days on the beach, visiting natural parks and meeting exotic animals. Here are some of the best natural attractions you will see during your trip to Ghana.

Ghana is the place where you  get a great mix of relaxing on the beach and African Wild Life. Here are some of the top attractions during your travel to Ghana

National Parks in Ghana


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One of the most famous natural parks in Ghana, the Kakum National Park is situated near Cape Coast and it is a real gem for those who love nature and animals. In this uncontaminated coastal rainforest, there is a canopy walkway suspended at 40 m above the forest floor and long about 330 m, which is secured by nets and wires to six trees. The Mole National park is the biggest park in the country and houses several species of mammals and birds, such as elephants, leopards, antelopes warthogs. Check local websites like to rent a car for a safari ride in the park or if necessary, find accommodation to enjoy its beauty with no rush.

Beaches in Ghana


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Beaches in Ghana are simply beautiful: clear waters, long strips of white sand away from the chaos of city life, the perfect place to go to relax and enjoy the sun. Visit Ada Beach, not very far from Accra, Ghana’s capital city, to see some nice marine turtles and other sea birds that nest in this area. Not very crowded, this beach is perfect for those who love water sports and fishing. Kokrobite Beach is probably a better option for those who want to dive into the ocean, but also want to meet other people and party all day: at night there are special bonfire celebrations with drumming, singing and dancing. The beaches in Elmina are just the opposite: no loud music, not too many tourists and lovely palms to protect you from the sun for a very quiet holiday.

Waterfalls in Ghana


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In Ghana there are some of the most scenic waterfall of all African countries and they’re absolutely a must-see. Boti Falls, in the Eastern part of Ghana, are two magnificent waterfalls near Koforidua and can be reached through a panoramic concrete stair that leads to the bottom of the falls or you can choose to walk up to the Umbrella Rock to get a picturesque view. Kintampo Falls offer an evocative picture of the Pumpu River that falls down on steps created by Mother Nature and you can enjoy the beauty of the view taking a break in some of the picnic and shade areas for tourists.

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