Useful Numbers in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most crowded places in the United Arab Emirates but the recorded cases of crime are very low. Dubai is one of the best places to stay in the whole Arabian district since their economic status is very distinct and jobs are all over the place. The governments were able to maintain a good and well managed a person that obeys the rules they implements and that is the reason why Travel in Dubai is simple. When traveling in any parts of the world, it is very important for you to know the numbers that will be very essential in providing you with the help you need during tough times and same is the case with Dubai Travel. This is very important especially if you will be carrying along your kids.

Useful Numbers in Dubai Overview:

These useful numbers in Dubai should be kept in a safe place for your future use.

1. Emergency hotline – 999 ( ambulance and police)

2. Dubai Police – 04 3459999

3. Airport inquiries – 206-6666

4. Fire marshal – 997

5. Hospital and health care – 223 2323

6. Internet complaints – 101

7. Road services – 800-4430

8. Taxi – 208-0808

Taking note of these useful numbers in Dubai which will greatly help you in times of needs especially when you don’t have any companion to attend to your needs. You don’t have to be Arabic speaking to be able to seek for their help. They will surely lend a hand whatever your nationality is. It is best to take them anywhere you go especially if you are not really familiar with the places you’ll visit. It will be very helpful to you to find a cheap car hire in Dubai. It’s best to have one because it will be time consuming and dangerous to always be on the lookout for taxis and buses even late at night.

It’s nice to visit a place without worrying much about the time you need to go back to the hotel. It’s nice to spend from day to night outside and explore the wonderful place of Dubai where dreams come to life without spending a lot of money. Booking for a care hire in Dubai even before your flight is the best thing to do.

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