7 Amazing Kailasagiri Vizag clicks

Kailasagiri Vizag is one of the top tourist destinations in Vizag. All the tourists enjoying the beaches of Vizag love to visit Kailasagiri which gives one of the most beautiful views of the ocean from the peaks. This article shares 7 Amazing clicks you must have from the top of Kailasagiri Vizag.

Kailasagiri Visakhapatnam

Vizag is famous for its beaches. People love spending time at the top beaches in Vizag which are RK Beach, Yarada Beach and the prominent parks which are nearby. You will find huge number of people visiting the beach in the evening.

In recent years after the launch of rope way, everybody find themselves visiting Kailasagiri during their visit to Visakhapatnam. Excellent road transport and cab services are available from anypart of Vizag to Kailsagiri. But one should definitely try Kailsagiri through the rope way and enjoy beautiful Vizag climate in the evenings.

Some of the beautiful clicks you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Kailasagiri Vizag

A click at rope way. Your remembrance with the rope way and queue to enjoy the visit to Kailasagiri through rope way.

2. A click of yourselves in the rope way. You will get a chance to capture view as well. Be ready with your selfie sticks or camera before getting into rope way.

Kailsagiri Vizag Lord Shiva and Parvathi devi idols at top of Kailasagiri is one you shouldn’t miss. You will love spending time at top of Kailsagiri.

Shanka Chakria Kailsagiri
You will find Shanka and Chakra picture at top of Kailasagiri. With green parks at top of Kailasagiri, it is one picture you shouldn’t miss.

There is a train at top of Kailasagiri which takes you around the top of the hill. You can get some amazing clicks while going along the train.

Kailsagiri Outlets
You will find crafts around. You will find much interesting pictures with your friends and family in the parks.

7. Vizag Kailsagiri ViewFinally, don’t miss your top view pick from top of Kailasagiri with ocean view. A must have click best at the evenings. If you have a camera with flash and zoom, you will love visiting this place.

Do share some of the amazing clicks you have taken at top of Kailasagiri. Kailasagiri remains one of the top Vizag tourist places. Read more about Vizag Tourist places in TravelsTips.

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