Medical Tourism – Read our guide to this growing trend

Cosmetic surgery isn’t new and neither are trips abroad however the two have come together in a recent trend that has been called medical tourism. Whilst medical tourism is popular for all sorts of treatment, it is seeing particular growth due to those seeking cosmetic surgery abroad. Whilst the thought of enjoying a nice trip abroad and saving money on expensive cosmetic surgery may seem appealing it’s a big decision to make. If you are considering medical tourism that take a look through our guide.

Anyone who is considering going abroad to have a plastic surgery procedure should know certain facts first. Plastic surgery abroad usually costs much less than the same procedure costs in the UK. Breast enlargement, tummy tucks and liposuction may cost up to 80 percent less, but there are risks involved that may outweigh the savings. There are good cosmetic surgeons and hospitals in Europe and Asia that offer safe facilities and good results, but it is necessary to be sure the right place is chosen.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

cosmetic surgery abroad

When people look for inexpensive cosmetic surgery abroad, they often look for the cheapest deal and consider the holiday that goes along with it. There are many advertisements online and in magazines that offer a beach holiday along with plastic surgery. The combined cost seems absurdly low and is irresistible. This is where caution should start.

The companies that offer plastic surgery along with a holiday may have an event in the UK where prospective customers can meet the people involved. This may be deceptive, and the only people at the event are sales persons and no doctors or hospital employees. Before taking such a serious step as plastic surgery, it is best to meet the surgeon and understand the procedure as well as the recovery time needed. Two meetings are recommended in case the patient wants to change their mind. It may be possible to have a holiday before surgery, but it is unrealistic to have one after. While recovering from surgery it will not be possible to drink alcohol, sunbathe or exercise.

When thinking about plastic surgery abroad, consider the same advice given to people who want cosmetic surgery at home.

Don’t be swayed by the holiday

Whilst relaxing on the beach might be a nice way to recover from an operation or unwind before one you really should put this to the back of your mind as it is more important that you concentrate on finding the right surgeon and don’t live to regret your decision.

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