What to Do on a Hollywood Stag Night

A Hollywood stag party, or stag do as it is sometimes known, is a time for guys that are about to be married to celebrate their final days and nights of bachelorhood. Whether or not the guy is an actual Hollywood star or not, a stag do can be celebrated in the Hollywood style, which gives them class and panache. The idea here is to make the stag party one that is befitting a Hollywood celebrity or rock star, and to give them a celebrity flavor by choosing the right themes and activities. The following are some activities that party throwers can consider for these types of stag parties:

Dressing Up

Hollywood Stag Night

One obvious way to make an ordinary party into a Hollywood stag night is to dress up as various Hollywood celebrities. The guys that come can dress as actors and stars from both past and present. You might even consider specifying a specific time period for the stars you’d like to represent. For instance you could limit it to current actors like Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson, 1960s actors such as say Steve McQueen and Paul Newman , or even more classic actors from the 1940s to 50s like Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable. Guests might want to agree beforehand on which celebrities they will represent so that a certain star is not duplicated. Also since it may be difficult to look like a star from the choice of clothing alone (often celebrities might simply wear designer suits or tuxedos) it might be wise to incorporate props like hats, wigs and fake facial hair, gloves, sunglasses, and so on that a certain actor is known to wear.

Red Carpet Walk

As an initial activity, the host can get some sort of red carpet and place it near the door, so that when the guys arrive, they walk up this red carpet. Even if you have only a small space such as an apartment to work with, chances are you can incorporate a red carpet somehow. This will introduce the Hollywood theme to the stag do right from the outset. You might want to take a picture of guests as they walk up the red carpet, as is discussed a bit further below.

Take some Snapshots

Break out that camera and take a few snapshots. Though stag parties are often considered fairly private affairs, chances are that real Hollywood stag dos often have at least a few photographers hanging around. This is sure to be worth a lot of laughs later as you and your buddies look at the candid shots and the costumes. You can even set up a kind of Paparazzi corner in the party space where guests can go and have their picture taken.

Hollywood Bars and Restaurants

When it’s time to go out and eat and have a few drinks, you can go to a Hollywood themed bar or restaurant. Large cities often have a number of such establishments to choose from. These places may be designed around a particular movie or television show, or simply have a general Hollywood theme. Of course, the more expensive and classy the bar or restaurant, the more it will resemble the types of places at which real Hollywood stars might eat. This will thus depend somewhat on the budget, but usually something that in some way fits the Hollywood theme can be found.

Movie Screenings

You can show classic or modern Hollywood movies during the stag do. You might want to give this some more punch by renting a large screen and projector on which to project movies. Watch them while drinking champagne and eating hors d’oevres.

More Physical Activities

Celebrities at stag parties don’t only engage in genteel sorts of pastimes. They are known also to have a lot of physical fun, engaging in activities like paintball, racing go karts, bungee jumping, and so on. So bear in mind that the Hollywood theme doesn’t need to rule this type of activity out. In fact, after some classy activities early on, it may be a lot of fun to get rough and tumble and do some extreme sports or games like this. This can make for a memorable Hollywood style stag do and keep the party from seeming pretentious.

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