Pynnikki Tower Tampere Finland

Pynnikki Tower is one of the famous places in Tampere Finland. It has a good historical importance and one of the tallest Towers in Tampere. One should visit this place and have a donner and coffee.

It is easy to visit Pynnikki Tower. Take the 21 Bus at City Center, the starting bus stop of Tampere and reach Pyynikki in ten minutes. One would love to have beautiful photos taken from the Top of Pynnikki.

They charge 2 Euros to reach Top of Pynnikki but experience at the top of the tower is awesome and mind blowing. Given below are some of the pictures of Tampere taken from Top of Pynnikki Tower

1) Pynikki Tower Snapshot taken from the steps

Pynnikki Tower Tampere Finland

2) Pyynikki Road Map


3) I am still learning to take pics

Pynnikki Tower Tampere Overview from Pynnikki Tower

Tampere from Pynnikki Tower DSC02067 DSC02069 DSC02071  DSC02084 DSC02085 DSC02086 DSC02091 DSC02093 DSC02095

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