Shanmugham Beach in Kerala

Shanmugham Beach in Kerala, South India

Shanmugham beach is one of the top Beaches in India and best known beaches in kerala which is most realistic beaches located in Kerala.   Kerala  in South India which is known as God’s own country has some of the best beaches in the world and the great Shanghumugham beach is one of the top Beaches in Kerala.  A  tour to this beach would help you to collect knowledge about the nearby places.  The pure beauty of the beach has been successful in attracting the tourist since long years. 
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Shanmugham Beach Attractions

Shanghmugham beach is a very calming beach in Kerala which is home to pleasant sunset and sunrise in Kerala.  The beach is next to the Trivandrum airport and veli tourist village.  An interior professional club and a restaurant shaped like a starfish are the great attractions here.

This is indeed the best way to enjoy the important of the historic Shanghumugham beach.  This beach is a favourite attractive place for the tourists.  Every year countless of tourists visits here.  The Shanghumugham beach  touches the heart of the tourists by  its charming beauty.

Brief History of Shanmugham Beach in Kerala

Shanmugham beach is a perfect location for tourists to visit especially  for holidaying and to bring back your spirits before you go back to the daily works of life.   Children gets opportunity to learn the traffic rules from Chacha Nehru Training Park here.

Travel Tips to Shanmugham Beach
Shanmugham Beach in Kerala

The Beach is next to the Trivandrum Airport and Veli Tourist village. 


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