Bekal Beach in Kerala

Bekal Beach in Kerala

Bekal Beach in Kerala, South India

 Bekal Beach in Kerala is one of the top Beaches in India which offers charming views of the swaying palms. It is best known as one of the top beaches in kerala. The beach is located 8kms away from Kasargod.
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Bekal Beach Attractions

Bekal beach is very attractive and its cool air pulls ones heart to enjoy forgetting all worries. The roaring waves and the Bekal fort in the vicinity offers a great attraction of the beach. The blue and the greenary all round presents an everlasting view. The beach is located near Bekal fort. This fort is one of the best historic forts in Kerala and situated on land of 35 acres which extends into the great Arabian Sea.

The best time of year to visit is from August to March. This beach is the only Special Tourism Area declared by the Government of India. Bekal is developing very fast as an international beach destination. The high mountains, virgin beaches, serene backwaters and green scenaries makes the tourists to visit here to enjoy the moments of life.

Travel Tips to Bekal Beach in Kerala

Location: The beach is located 8kms from Kanhangad, Kasargod. 50kms away from Mangalore airport.
180kms away from Calicut International Airport.
Kasargod is very well connected by rail and road connections to the rest of Kerala.

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