Top 5 Countries to Travel on short Tour from India

Are you interested in traveling abroad from India? Are you interested in traveling abroad on a short trip with your friends. Then here are the 5 best places to go on a short travel outside India
1. Travel to Thailand

thailand ko phi phi 02 (Photo credit: FriskoDude)

Thailand is one of the best and cheapest places to visit from India. As there are many airlines frequently flying to Thailand, many tourists from India visit Thailand for 2 to 3 days. As there are no visa charges for entering Thailand, travel is very easy from India.

2. Travel to Singapore

FINE city (Photo credit: Shaojin+AT)

Singapore is one of the favorite destination for India for planning a short trip. There are many tourist destinations in Singapore that are worth visiting on short two four day trip. There is an option on Visa on arrival for Singapore. Read this article Singapore visa for Indians from wiki. So you can avail that option. However if you are traveling for more days, you need to take a visa from India.

3. Travel to Nepal

Nepal (Photo credit: Mathew Knott)

Nepal is another place which is worth visiting. You can enjoy the beautiful greenery, rafting and enjoy a simple and exciting trip with your friends. And for Indians traveling to Nepal, there is no need to have a visa as Indians can freely enter Nepal with a valid passport.
4. Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam (Photo credit: fontxito)

Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations I loved to visit. With many beaches and entertainment places, Vietnam is one of the best place for short trip with friends. And Visa procedure is very much relaxed when you travel to Vietnam. You just need to pay 25$ on arrival at the Vietnam airport.

5. Travel to Malaysia

oil palms in malaysia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Malaysia is another tourist destination which is very near from India. You would love to enjoy the beautiful places in Malaysia during your tour to Malaysia. Most of the tourists from India visit Malaysia and southern Asian Countries as they are near and also cheaper to travel with lot f places to cover.

There are many other countries like Mauritius which will be covered in coming articles in travels tips. Do share your experiences by adding a comment if you have traveled these places.

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