Beaches and Surf This is the San Diego We Love

California is famous world-over for its sandy beaches, probably the best reason to visit. If Los Angeles is the most popular airport in the region, the many available flights to San Diego make this city the best alternative for your Californian days.

With an international airport linked to 49 destinations in the US, Canada, Europe and Mexico, San Diego is well connected to the rest of the world and stands out as one of the entertaining American cities for beach lovers.

A symbol of the Golden State, the local beaches are what make this city stand out. Everything in Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla makes for an iconic setting: the palms, the hot sand, the surfers and the crest of the waves. This is the California everybody has come to love, a place where the sun and the sea are part of the fabric of life.

Always on the lookout for a big waves, the surf fanatics will enjoy here some of the most appreciated spots in California for all levels of experience. La Jolla Shores is the best for beginners, as it offers quiet but enjoyable waves, with many surf schools and lifeguards operating all year round.
More competitive and challenging will be Trestles, a river-mouth point break where many professional surfers dare. If you consider yourself good enough, here you’ll have to show what you’re actually made of, especially while the ideal south to southwest swell is waiting for you.

For even more fun, Black’s Beach is great all year round and offers powerful and rideable waves, which crowds of surfers compete to conquer. Often considered the best spot in town, it’ll make a surfer want to stay here forever.

Night Life in SanDiego

SanDiego Night Life

SanDiego Night Life

A few steps away from the beach, not just for surfers, bars are becoming even more the go-to place for thirsty punters, as it’s now no longer allowed to bring alcoholic drinks to the beach.

The hundreds of bars here offer a relaxing atmosphere for a post-beach drink and some food before heading back into town or plenty of options for the wildest nights.


With its cracking nightlife, from the most sophisticated to the hip and alternative venues, San Diego is a city that will keep you incredibly busy even while the sun is not shining, a place where the Californian dream is alive and kicking.

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