Travel tips to USA from India

USA is one of the most visited places by Indians. Geographically in the other side of the world, it takes almost one day for the journey to USA from India. This article covers some of the important travel tips while traveling from India to USA.

Some of the major things that are to be considered while traveling to any country are Visa related information, different type of visa’s available, how to apply for visa online. Once your visa for that particular country in this instance USA is approved, you should be knowing about how to reach to USA, things that can be considered while traveling to USA areĀ  travel insurance, flight dealsĀ  and hotel deals in USA, things to buy in USA.

If you are planning for higher studies in USA, getting to know about the university, scholarships and accommodation related information are somethings which are to be well know before reaching USA. Given below are some of the travel tips to USA which will be useful when traveling to USA

Getting Visa related information to USA

Visa is one of the important steps before any travel. You can get detailed information on how to apply visa, appointments and different visa related information from USA Travel Docs, which is the place where you need to apply for your visa depending on your country.

Once you finish your form filling process, visit embassy and get your visa approved, next step is to get your bags packed up for your journey to USA. Given below are some of the travel tips that will be helpful for your journey to USA.

Things that should not be taken to USA
Some of things which you should not take to USA are mentioned below.

English: Slogan of the participants of the int...

English: Slogan of the participants of the international exchange program – “Work and Travel USA” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.Many people tend to pack rice and wheat flour when traveling to USA. Unfortunately these food items are not allowed in USA. So its waste of your time to pack these things. There are many Indian shops which you can get these items in USA.

2. No sandwiches, burgers are allowed inside USA during immigration. So try to finish off these things before you enter immigration.

3. It is important that you get your hotel, return flight booked if you are traveling on business to USA. These are some things which are very important and can be asked during your ticket bookings.

4. Hotel Deals in USA

There are some of the top sites which provides cheap hotel deals to USA. You can check these websites online to get last minute hotel deals to USA. sites like are very useful for getting your flight and hotel deals together.

5. one of the useful tips is to book your hotel and flight together. This saves a lot of money and also gets chance to get interesting travel deals on your flight and hotels to USA.

6.Travel Insurance to USA

Travel insurance is one other important thing which you shouldn’t forget when traveling to USA.

Checked baggage

Checked baggage (Photo credit: Mickipedia) important part of travel insurance


7. Things to Buy in USA

In USA, you can get interesting electronic and other gadget deals during the month of Christmas. So don’t miss to shop at that time.

Shopping in Orlando (Scott Audette for VISIT F...

Shopping in Orlando (Scott Audette for VISIT FLORIDA) (Photo credit: VISIT FLORIDA)

Once all these are done, you are ready to fly to USA and have a nice vacation, business or study abroad. Happy traveling.

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