Top 5 River Rafting Destinations India

River Rafting is one of the top tourism activities in India as India has lot of beaches and rivers in North and South. River Rafting is nothing but an outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This article covers Top 5 River Rafting Destinations India.

Top 5 River Rafting Destinations India

Given below is the list of top 5 River Rafting Destinations in India which is one of the main tourism activities in India.

1. River Rafting Zanskar

Zanskar is the mountain range in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. This separates from Ladakh and is part of Tethys Himalayas. This place is popular for River rafting  due to the varying intensity of rapids in it. One can sail through Padum and Nimmo stretch which covers a distance of 120 kms and mainly consists of III and IV grade rapids. Apart from it, one can experience the natural beauty of hill top monasteries, villages , glimpses of wild life, snow capped peaks along with the thrilling adventure of rafting.

2. River Rafting Ganga Rishkesh

Rishikesh is located in the foot hills of the Himalayas in Northern India. This is one of the best river in India for white water rafting. It’s a 16km stretch from Shivpuri to Lakshman jhula in Rishikesh with rapids range from grade 1 to grade 4. Return to sender, Roller coaster, three blind Mice, Double Trouble, Tee off and Golf course are the names of the rapids here. This rafting gives a memorable experience of adventure along with the scenic view of nature around it. Best time to visit is June to September.

3. River Rafting Kali river

Kali river is also known as Sharada river and Mahakali in Nepal. It originates from the Greater Himalayas at Kalapaani, in the Pithoragarh District of Uttarakhand and forms continuous eastern boundary with Nepal. This river is one of the top scenic rivers in India. While rafting through the pristine and deserted environment, you can find various wild animals and about 500 species of birds. Put-in point for rafting varies according to the season. Starting at Jauljibi for pre–snow melt season and pancheswar for post snow melt season. Pancheswar is also a famous fishing site.

4. River Rafting Brahmaputra river

River rafting at Brahmaputra river is rated at rapid level IV, is 180kms stretch. Starting from Tuting in the state of Arunachal Pradesh on the Subansari river, which is primary tributary of Brahmaputra and ends at Pasighat. So this approximately takes a week to cover the entire stretch. Along with the adventure, one can experience the beautiful nature which refreshes the mind, can also experience the traditions and culture of Arunachal Pradesh.

5. Rafting Tons River Uttarkhand

Rafting Tons River Uttarkhand in Himalyas is rated at level III , IV and also has V rapids ,is quite challenged.
The Tons River flows through Garhwal, the western part of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. The biggest tributary of the Yamuna, and has wrath than the Yamuna itself. Along with the adventurous rafting, one can experience the scenic beautiful valleys as well.
These are top 5 river rafting destinations India. Others include Kundalika river in Maharashtra, Teesla River sikkim and darjeeling, Barapole Coorg, Alakananda River Uttarakhand etc., are some other popular river rafting destinations. Do share your experiences in these top 5 River Rafting Destinations India.

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SriramRaj is a passionate blogger from India. He writes on travel, lifestyle, technology, and money earning tips.

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